Sex Education – Is It Good For Your Children?

Sex Education is a part of civil rights and human development. Sex education is the education of issues concerning human sex, which includes physiological, mental, emotional, societal and interpersonal aspects of sexuality. Sex education deals with the physical, psychological, social and behavioral aspects of sexuality and is designed to provide knowledge and support about the natural processes of reproduction and relationships. It also aims to equip young people at every stage of their life with information about sex that they should know and be aware of at an early age. There are different programs on sex education which are being adopted by various communities.

The main objective of sex education is to provide young people with the information and skills they need to make informed decisions about their own bodies and the issues related to sexuality at a young age. Since it deals with such sensitive issue in childhood, there is a lot of controversy surrounding it. Many feel that sex education removes children’s discretion on matters that are related to their bodies and young minds should be left in the hands of parents. Others believe that sex education helps build a healthy relationship between the child and his or her parents.

Some people believe that sex education encourages individuals to stray from their families and that it promotes promiscuity. Opponents to sex education believe that teaching children about sex at an early age will result in increased rates of rape, sexual abuse and other sexual diseases affecting teenagers. This is due to the fact that most teenagers have no idea about sex and when exposed to sex education, they may become more open to having premarital sex and other sexually transmitted diseases.

There are also concerns that sex education may lead to decreased values and morals and may eventually lead to increased rates of sexual addiction and violence against women. Some argue that the introduction of the facts about sex in schools about masturbation and contraceptives to children will eventually affect their overall sense of morality and cleanliness. They feel that exposing children to such information too early will make them feel sexual and compare it to how they should behave with their own bodies. This could eventually lead to them having improper sexual activities at a much later stage.

Sex education does not only deal with giving information on safe sex and proper sexual practices. It also deals with teaching kids how to overcome societal pressures such as peer pressure, and pressures from teachers and schoolmates. These pressures often lead to teenagers having inappropriate relationships. Sex education also aims to develop healthy sexual behaviors among teens.

Some feel that sex education will teach children about wrong ways of having sex and will also teach them to have an open mind towards sexual expression. However, the negative effects of sex education are too much to outweigh the benefits. So, whether we agree or not, it is better to leave it up to the parents to teach their kids about sex.

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