Dating & Relationships: It’s All About Love

The subject of dating & relationships is one that gets plenty of attention from people across the world. It is often the first topic that comes to mind when considering relationships and dating. The reasons for this are varied, and range from cultural differences to economic factors to a person’s personality. The truth is that while there are many reasons why dating and relationships are considered, these are factors that impact dating in different ways for different people.

For some people, a relationship is much more than just having a physical relationship with someone they happen to like. In fact, for them, it is often about forming a deep friendship & bonding with that person. They spend their time building emotional bonds so that they can come together physically. A physical relationship is often seen as a last resort & a way to prevent further emotional pain and to ‘settle’ the terms of the relationship once and for all. The same principles could be applied in a dating context, where physical intimacy isn’t necessarily the defining feature of the relationship.

For other people, relationships are much more than that. For example, a single person might be interested in finding someone to share romantic, sexual, or intimate moments with, where there is no underlying sexual or emotional relationship. The same principles that apply to dating apply here – being cautious, being respectful, being careful about revealing too much information about ourselves, not wanting to put too much pressure on the relationship, etc.

Some other people are in committed relationships & view the dating aspect of their relationship as merely a way of bonding. These types of relationships are actually stronger, because there is a greater investment of time & emotions in the relationship. To put it another way, these people aren’t looking for the same sort of ‘connection’ that would arise in a dating context, but rather, they are looking for companionship, a sort of partner. They don’t expect the relationship to be based on sex, or even a long term commitment.

However, for other people, & especially for those who have been in long term relationships for many years, dating can be much less about finding someone to share life with, & more about finding that special person, & engaging in what is known as “chemistry”. This is where a certain amount of innocent touching & experimentation with physical attraction is involved, & the potential for future intimacy & real romance develops. It’s also where fantasies can become reality, & feelings can become very real. In short, chemistry & dating can be confusing. But it all comes back to the important & universal truth that love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Hopefully, this article has shown you that dating & relationships are very different – and that they require very different approaches. In fact, it’s important to remember that the Internet has created an entirely new set of potential dating partners, who may very well be your own relatives, friends, co-workers, & even family. You can’t keep your head “out-of-the-sand” when you’ve got such a large pool of potential “neighbarers” to keep you motivated. So, take advantage of it – & don’t let anyone stop you from being happy!

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